Birthday wishing ideas For Friends Family To Make Them Feel Special

Birthday plays a great role in everyone’s life. This is the day we all celebrate doesn’t matter what. Every individual feels very special on their birthday. In different countries birthdays celebrated in different styles. In some countries and some religion a particular age is considered to celebrate the birthday specially. But in most of the cases we celebrate our birthday for fun. Normally we celebrate our birthday with family, relatives and friends.

But when it’s others birthday, it’s very important to wish them as well. Everyone choose to wish normally and then what will be the difference between the wish of others and yours? Why the person will remember your wish? That’s the reason we must wish someone so that the person always remembers the day. Here is some birthday wishing ideas.

 belated happy birthday wishes Group wishes video

If the person is staying far especially abroad, than you can make a video with your other friends and can send it to the birthday person. It will make the person feel very special when he/she will see his/hers old friends still remembers the day.

Ad in newspaper or broadcasting in media

The person whom you want to wish if the person locally available then you can give an ad in local newspaper with his/her photo and can ask the person to read the newspaper, when the person will does that, he/she will feel very special for sure. Not only in newspaper, you can wish the person through local radio channel or through local TV channel too and can ask the person to tune on that particular thing.

Through social media

If you want to wish the person in social media, you can do that too. Many social Medias are there such as whatsapp, hike, wechat, IMO, line and many more where we can wish our close ones. In facebook you can share your memory too, if you celebrated the same day with that particular person. Else we can wish the person by tagging in a particular post so that other friends can wish that person too.

Hobby gift

You can fulfill the birthday person’s hobby by gifting the thing you are craving for. There can be many things in a person’s wish list which they are unable to buy. So if you along with the help of other friends contribute some amount of money and buy the thing he/she always want to have, then the person will not only feel special but will keep the thing as a birthday memory.

Surprise gift

If you are staying far from the person whom you want to wish then you can send a surprise birthday gift along with a good birthday card. Before sending the gift make sure the gift will reach to the person on or before birthday. You can gift one of the favorite things of the person. This can make the birthday person feel so special.

An unplanned trip

You can plan a road trip or a long drive along with the birthday person and your rest friends. It’s fun to go to a remote village and celebrate the birthday there. If you are planning something like that, don’t forget to carry a cake because without a cake the birthday will remain incomplete and I bet the birthday person will feel very special.


There are many other ways too to wish a person on his/her birthday but the best wish can be planning a surprise birthday party for the person. But for this you need to plan properly. Take help from others if needed. Doesn’t matter what you do, how you wish someone on their birthday, the main thing is you need to do it in such a way that the person always cherish it.